My art and subject matter is governed by my intuition as well as by my emotional responses. It is apparent that unconscious archetypal energies are a strong influence in all that I do. It is these energies that govern and mold my personal philosophy, my subject matter and my emotions.

Although the subject may be mythical or realistic, I can not avoid revealing my personal philosophic viewpoint. This is shown through the colors or materials I choose, as well as the kind of brushstroke I employ. My philosophy shows up through all the choices I make, which like most behavior is unconscious.Although I am aware of what I'm doing, the doing is from a place below my conscious will.

Trusting this kind of knowing has propelled me into periods of exploration and freedom. There is no need to plan everything or be in control all the time. I can let go and let a piece emerge. Even when painting from life, I find that the painting often will do itself. Whether using acrylics, collage, mixed media, or making found object sculpture, I am having fun and surprises all the time. In the past five years, I've been building sculptural mobiles and table pieces from tree branches, nylon pantyhose, and other fabrics that I coat with acrylic paint and sometimes color with silk dyes.

I see unfoldment of my expression as I play with the materials. The mobile fabric-wrapped branch and root sculptures become installation pieces; the bamboo roots in layers of cheesecloth with leaves, twigs, and dried insects become either floor or free-standing stabiles.

Listening to the voice within allows me freedom from obsessive perfection, as the perfection of intuition guides my art experience.

Charu Colorado
(541) 482-6319 (art) - (life coaching)